Instagram is a social media platform that has been exploding in popularity. The social media engagement rate is becoming an important metric for these services. Some factors influencing the engagement rate on Instagram are learning more about your audience, gaining clarity on your target market, and carefully thinking about your plan to reach out to them before it’s too late.

What is the Engagement Rate Instagram?

Instagram engagement rate is a metric used to measure the amount of interaction on a photo or video post on Instagram. The interaction can be likes, comments, and shares.
According to Instagram, the average engagement rate for photos and videos posted in August 2018 was 2.27 percent. This is up from 2.2 percent in September 2017.
The engagement rate for photos increased from 1.96 percent to 2.27 percent, while the engagement rate for videos increased from 0.95 percent to 1.96 percent over the same period of time\.

The increase in the Instagram Engagement Rate may be due to heightened interest among users in engaging with posts and new marketing strategies some brands and businesses utilize to increase their reach and online footprint through Instagram.
Some potential reasons why the engagement rate may be increasing could include:

– Increase in popularity of video content on Instagram
– Use of Instagram Stories by businesses and brands
– Use of hashtag content by businesses and brands

Issues Using an Engagement Rate on Instagram

It’s no secret that one of the most important factors for Instagram is how engaged its users are. A recent study from social media analytics firm SharpEye found that a whopping 87% of all user engagement on Instagram comes from posts with at least one likes. So why is a high engagement rate so important?

A high engagement rate helps brands build relationships with their followers. Studies have shown that when followers feel like they’re part of something bigger and more meaningful, they’re more likely to share and recommend your content to their friends. While it may seem unnecessary to focus on follower engagement when you’re starting, building a strong community is key if you want Instagram to become a long-term marketing asset.

Beyond just attracting attention, a high engagement rate also shows your followers that you’re paying attention to them. When you post something and only receive a handful of responses, it can lead people to believe that you don’t care about or value your followers. Conversely, when your posts receive lots of Likes and comments, it shows that your followers are engaging with what you’re putting out there – which will naturally result in more conversions and brand growth.

Factors Influencing Instagram Engagement Rates

There are a few factors that influence engagement rates on Instagram. The following are the main ones:

-The quality of the content posted: There is a direct correlation between the quality of the content and the engagement rate. High-quality images and posts that engage with users generate more likes and comments, which helps to keep users engaged. To produce quality content, it is important to employ visual storytelling techniques, interesting visuals, and effective hashtags. Creating original content that others may not see on other social media platforms is also important.

-The presence of social media profiles: Profiles with high engagement rates tend to have larger followings than those with lower rates. It is presumably because successful brands and individuals ensure that their accounts are well organized and packed with engaging content. Furthermore, it’s important to have a strong profile branding strategy so followers can easily identify your account as being associated with your company or individual brand.

-Using geo-targeting: Instagram allows businesses to target their ads specifically to a regional audience. This makes it possible for businesses to reach potential customers interested in their products or services.

Steps to Increasing a Post’s Engagement Rate

Instagram engagement rate is important to any social media platform, but it’s even more important on Instagram. After all, the app is all about sharing photos and videos with friends and followers. Here are four steps to increasing a post’s engagement rate on Instagram:
1.include valuable content.
2. use emojis wisely.
3. make your caption interesting and helpful.
4. make sure your post looks good on mobile and desktop devices.


A recent study found that the engagement rate on Instagram can be a valuable metric for businesses and social media managers. The study looked at how engagement rates correlated with various business outcomes, and it was discovered that high engagement rates were strongly linked with increased brand value and profitability. So if you want your brand to thrive, make sure to put in the effort to engage your followers on Instagram.