The Islamic lunar calendar begins in the month of Muharram, which falls on the first day of the Islamic year. Religious events during this time include a period of fasting and a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The festival of Muharram 2022 is at the door, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Muharram?

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and has much significance. Many important events of Islamic History took place in Muharram.

What happens during the Festival of Muharram 2022?

Muslims worldwide celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s death by fasting and mourning during Muharram. They also perform religious ceremonies to commemorate his life and death. These ceremonies include paying tribute to his remains, reciting prayers, and visiting graves.

Why is Muharram important?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the most outstanding leader, and His grandson’s brutal assassination marked a significant event in Islamic history. By commemorating his death during Muharram, Muslims are reminded of the importance of faith and freedom. They are also encouraged to live peacefully and respectfully towards others, regardless of their religion.

History of Muharram

1. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and is named after the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammed’s grandson, Imam Hussain.

2. The first day of Muharram is Muharram al-Din (the Day of Ashura). It commemorates the death of Imam Hussain, who was killed at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD.

3. The entire month is a time for mourning and remembrance of Imam Hussain. People take part in religious ceremonies and public festivals to mark his death.

4. Muharram also marks the end of the Muslim pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca.

5. The Muharram festival is one of Islam’s most essential and solemn celebrations.

6. Also, Prophet Moses and His nation got freedom from Pharoah on the 10th of Muharram, known as the day of Ashura.

Religious Significance

1. The Festival of Muharram is one of the most important religious celebrations in the Islamic calendar.

2. It commemorates the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain, who was killed in a battle against the forces of the Umayyad dynasty.

3. The festival is also celebrated in other parts of the world as a religious and cultural event.

4. Its formal designation as a National Holiday in Pakistan highlights the festival’s significance.

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Celebrating Muharram

The Festival of Muharram is a religious holiday commemorating the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Hussein ibn Ali. The festival is celebrated worldwide but is particularly significant in Shia communities.

The main celebration of Muharram takes place in Karbala in Iraq. On Ashura, which marks the tenth day of the month of Moharram, hundreds of thousands of people come to mourn Hussein ibn Ali and remember the sacrifices he made for his community. Ashura is a time of great mourning and repentance. Muslims worldwide commemorate Hussein ibn Ali’s death by fasting and praying.

The Festival of Muharram is an essential part of Shia culture. It represents the unity between Islam and Shiaism, and it celebrates the legacy of one of Prophet Muhammad’s most famous followers. The festival reminds us that we must never forget our ancestors’ sacrifices.

Islamic Holidays and Customs

Several Islamic holidays and customs occur during the Festival of Muharram.

During the festival, Muslims are prohibited from eating pork, drinking alcohol, and other prohibited acts. They are also encouraged to wear Mourning clothes and abstain from wearing bright colors. Some people eat tamarind balls during this time to symbolize Hussein’s death.

The festival is also a time for Muslims to come together and mourn the loss of Imam Hussein. It is an integral part of Islamic culture and tradition.

The Sunni Perspective

Despite expressing their grief over Imam Hussain’s death, Sunni avoids any mourning gatherings by stating that Islam doesn’t encourage or allow such things even for the end of the most pious personality. So they don’t organize any sorrow gatherings. Instead, they remember Imam Hussain and his sacrifice and revise the lesson we learned from this great sacrifice.

Final Word

If you’re looking to celebrate the holiest day in the Muslim calendar, look no further than the Festival of Muharram. This two-week event includes religious ceremonies and events commemorating Prophet Muhammad’s death, family celebrations, and parades. Whether you’re a Muslim or not, this festival is worth checking out – it’s an incredible cultural experience not to be missed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Muharram 2022?

The festival of Muharram 2022 will be observed at 7th August Saturday (9th Muharram) and 8th August Sunday (10th Muharram) respectively.

Do Sunnis Celebrate Muharram?

Sunni doesn’t celebrate Muharram in a way Shia celebrates it; rather they remember the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (Peace be upon Him) and express their sincerity to continue his mission.

Is Muharram the firs Month of Islamic Calendar?

Yes Muharram is the first Islamic Month according to Islamic Calendar.